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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Breitbart; So long as everybody continues to agree Justin Trudeau is a green leader, Canada has strongly hinted they will be upscaling capacity to provide an alternative to Russia.

Trudeau pledges support for European nations to move away from Russian energy 

‘We will be there to support, as the world moves beyond Russian oil and indeed, beyond fossil fuels, to have more renewables in our mix’ 

Author of the article: Ryan Tumilty
Publishing date:Mar 07, 2022

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the leaders of the U.K. and the Netherlands agreed Russia is no longer a reliable supplier of oil and gas, but Europe can’t yet shut off the taps and Trudeau was vague about how much Canada can deliver as a replacement.

Trudeau met with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in London Monday, as he begins a week-long trip to meet with European leaders. Canada, which imports a negligible amount of Russian oil and gas, banned imports last week.

Rutte said in the short term a ban simply isn’t possible for his country or many in Europe.

“We have to ensure that they don’t generate unmanageable risks to energy supplies in Europe, European countries and beyond, including Ukraine,” he said, speaking at a joint press conference with the three leaders in London. “The painful reality is that we are still very much dependent on Russian gas and Russian oil.”

Read more: https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/trudeau-pledges-support-for-european-nations-looking-to-move-away-from-russian-energy

Now we know what Trudeau plans to do with all that tar sands oil – export it to his eco-warrior friends in Europe.

In my opinion Trudeau’s commitment to green principles is a bit like his commitment to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. As Trudeau once helpfully explained, “No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there”.

I hope none of these triggers any of you to question Trudeau’s green credentials. After all, Canadian tar sands oil is not evil fossil fuel, it is well intentioned fossil fuel, a temporary transition measure until the windmills are ready.

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March 9, 2022