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Rare Snow Hits Jerusalem: Record Accumulations Sweep Kansas; + Eastern U.S. Weekend Snowstorm Update, With Early-Feb Looking Historic

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Rare Snow Hits Jerusalem

Rare, heavy snow blanketed the streets of Jerusalem Thursday morning, as a winter storm tore through Israel overnight.

Highways into the holy city were closed, as were schools and businesses as municipal snowplows worked to clear the streets.

Israel Police also shut a number of major highways in the mountainous West Bank due to hazardous conditions.

Snowfall in the hills around Jerusalem is fairly uncommon, it’s even rarer in the city.

And as noted by local Avi Mayer on Twitter (shown below), the depth of the accumulations has made this event rarer still:

Record Accumulations Sweep Kansas

An unusual band of localized heavy snow unleashed more than 2 feet of accumulation Tuesday across Colorado and Kansas, touching the latter’s all-time snowfall record, and taking meteorologists completely by surprise.

The swath’s existence and placement were modeled and officially predicted, though the amount of snow that accumulated far exceeded even the most aggressive estimates.

Meteorologist Chris Tomer said a cold front stalled over Burlington, Interstate 70, Bethune, and Mount Sunflower, Kansas. The air converged on this stalled cold front and the snow didn’t move much for nine straight hours.

A total of 27 inches of snow was officially reported on Mount Sunflower, the highpoint of Kansas; however, a number of local reports have accumulations exceeding the states all-time snowfall record of 30 inches. While in Burlington, CO 20 inches was reported there during this storm — the municipality’s biggest January snowstorm on record.

Another notable cold front, bringing additional flurries, will arrive in Colorado today (Thurs, Jan 27). But looking ahead, much heavier snow totals are expected as the calendar flips to February:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 27 – Feb 12 [].

Winter is just getting started, North Americans…

Eastern U.S. Weekend Snowstorm Update, With Early-Feb Looking Historic

A “bomb cyclone” is forecast to barrel up the East coast of the U.S. this weekend, bringing heavy snow, ice, powerful winds and the risk of flooding and power outages.

The National Weather Service has warned that the winter storm will likely impact portions of the Mid-Atlantic, especially near the coast, and particular regions in the northeast through New England late on Friday and over the weekend.

The nor’easter is expected to hit New Jersey Friday night to Saturday, with the Jersey Shore the bullseye for the highest totals in the state. So far this month, to Jan 26, Atlantic City International Airport has received 17.2 inches of snow — that’s the fifth highest since records began in 1945. While in Lower Township, the 14.6 inches of January snow to date is the sixth highest with records stretching back to the 1890s there. Both of these locales, along with many others on the Eastern Seaboard, are set to climb into their top three snowiest January’s on record after the weekend, with many threatening to break all-time benchmarks, too.

The storm’s exact track is still to be confirmed, and there’s still a chance it’ll be dragged offshore. But as things stand, it’s looking set to be a record white weekend for many:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 27 – Jan 31 [].

And even failing the flakes, record low temperatures look set to be a solid consolation:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies Jan 28 – Jan 29 [].

Record chills are even forecast as far south as Florida.

The sunshine state’s strongest front, of two, is set to extend south Friday night. Following the front, much colder air driven by gusty northwest winds will descend into South Florida ushering in potentially record breaking low temperatures (see GFS above).

Widespread frosts and freezes are likely Friday, Saturday AND Sunday nights in Florida, with the coldest conditions expected overnight Saturday. Temperatures could drop into the 20s in North Florida; Southwest Florida could see around 32F; while for inland locations, Saturday night brings the potential of a hard freeze, warn the NWS, and lows that could set new records for the state, according AccuWeather forecasters, with readings not seen since the 1960s threatening many locales, including Orlando and Miami.

This fella certainly seems concerned…

Moreover, and after running those GFS runs further forward –and so admittedly into the unreliable time frame– this weekend’s snow totals across could pale in comparison to what’s on the cards for next weekend. Latest runs (shown below) are showing a significant band of dark greens (20+ inches of snow) pounding swathes of the East between Jan 31 through Feb 11:

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) Jan 31 – Feb 12 [].

And with regards to temperatures, I actually choked on my English tea when I saw what February could have in store:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies Feb 1 – Feb 12 [].
A closer look at next Friday, Feb 4 [].

Say tuned for updates.

New Proposed Bill -Lobbied By The Banks- Would Give Yellen Unilateral Power To Ban Crypto In The U.S.

I know a lot people are suspicious of cryptocurrencies, and with fair reason — the market is volatile and heavily manipulated. But when you have governments and central banks publicly demonizing the technology, labeling it ‘a threat to the global financial system’ (while at the same time privately profiting from it), you have to at least query what’s going on here…

Crypto, for all of its flaws and potential future privacy issues etc., gives the little guys –the yous and mes– a fighting chance. It levels the playing field. And they hate that. They, being the big banks and big governments, are doing everything in their power to prevent the mass adoption of the technology, and now they’re even attempting to slip in new powers via the backdoor to forward this intention.

The below video, released by Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, passionately are articulately lays out the big banks intentions here. And you can think whatever you want about Cardano (and its native token ADA), but this proposed legislation, when passed, spells terrible news for ALL cryptocurrencies and would also be another nail in the coffin of freedom and democracy:

As if we didn’t have enough on our plate already, this is yet another battle to add to the war. But I do see a positive here, particularly given our limited resources — each of today’s problems appear to stem from the same center of evil, meaning beheading just the one top dog, the one ‘beast’, should simultaneously bring down all of its grubby little offshoots and slim-ball tentacles–whether that be CAGW, vaccine mandates, banning financial independence, or Bill Himes.

Correct me in the comments if you think I’m off base here, but if the big banks are sneaking in legislation through the backdoor that could rob citizens of the ability to trade a legal asset, then that asset must be bad for business and ‘the system’ at large, and so, conversely, good for the citizens. The issue then becomes correctly Identifying the one ‘beast’ to behead…

Social Media channels are restricting Electroverse’s reach: Twitter are purging followers, while Facebook are labeling posts as “false” and have slapped-on crippling page restrictions. And most recently, the CCDH has stripped the website of its advertising.

Facebook, in partnership with the ‘fact-checkers’ at USA Today have conspired to restrict my use of the social media platform for 90 days, meaning I can’t post anything new. I’ve been found guilty of contesting a scientific theory, which in today’s world is now considered a ‘violation’:

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The site receives ZERO funding, and never has.

Any way you can, help me spread the message so others can survive and thrive in the coming times.

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