Local Councils Are Subsidising EV Charging

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness/Graham Worthington

I do hate those stupid “postcode lottery” headlines!

From the Telegraph:

As usual the Telegraph gets it all back to front, claiming that some drivers are being “overcharged”.

In fact, the reverse is true. Many councils it seems are subsidising electric car drivers, as the commercial rate is typically around 45p per KWh.

Why should taxpayers fund EV drivers, particularly when they are already subsidised to the tune of thousands of pounds by central government? I see nothing “fair” in that, Ms Simpson!

Indeed, it appears some councils are actually offering free charging:

In any event, the number of chargers run by local councils seems to be pathetically small. Sheffield, for instance, has just 12 chargers, and they are all situated in the town centre, which is OK if you have business in town, but useless otherwise.


JANUARY 27, 2022