Arctic Fraud from the Biden Administration

NOAA says Arctic sea ice is disappearing and that we have to take action to stop it.

“The trends are alarming and undeniable. We face a decisive moment. We must take action to confront the climate crisis.”

Arctic Report Card: Climate change transforming Arctic into ‘dramatically different state’ | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAA has Arctic sea ice satellite data going back to 1972. They hid all the data before 1979 when “sea-ice extent was significantly less.

1990 IPCC Report

Sea ice extent was much lower during the 1950s than the early 1970s.

Projecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide 

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

NOAA cherry picked the coldest year on record in the eastern Arctic (1979) to start their graph.

V2 Measured

NASA’s leading experts predicted an ice-free Arctic between 2012 and 2018.

The Daily Reporter – Google News Archive Search

The Argus-Press – Google News Archive Search

James Hansen wishes he wasn’t so right about global warming

Gore: Polar ice cap may disappear by summer 2014

Biden’s climate envoy predicted the Arctic would be ice-free by 2014.

There has been no trend in Arctic Sea ice over the past fifteen years.

via Real Climate Science

January 9, 2022