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By Paul Homewood

Climate Realism respond to Yahoo Fake News:

Yahoo News posted an article titled, “Extreme weather fueled by climate change hit 4 in 10 Americans where they lived in 2021,” saying climate change is responsible for an increase in the instances and severity of extreme weather. This is false. Millions of Americans are affected by extreme weather events every year, however, data do not show instances of extreme weather are becoming more common or more severe. This fact is confirmed by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Raging wildfires exacerbated by drought in the West; severe downpours across the Midwest, Northeast and South; deadly heat waves in the Pacific Northwest; hurricanes that unleashed destruction from the Gulf Coast up to New England: 2021 was a year when it became impossible for many Americans to ignore the extreme weather fueled by climate change,” writes Yahoo News.

Each of the weather events cited by Yahoo News did happen, but there is no evidence they were caused or exacerbated by climate change.

Full story here.

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JANUARY 8, 2022