Decembers 1961 & 1971

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By Paul Homewood

December 1961 can be summed up in two words – cold and snow.

The first week saw widespread snow and severe gales, whilst the Christmas week was one of the coldest of the century, with more heavy snow:

In total contrast, December 1971 was very mild. The UK mean temperature was 6.0C, higher than the preceding month, It was also higher than December 2021, which clocked 5.3C.

Temperatures were particularly above average in Scotland, where it is still the second warmest December on record behind 1988.

Top temperature was 16.3C at Colwyn Bay, just below the 16.5C clocked last month:

In this monthly lookback through the archives, two things are abundantly clear for every month we have checked:

1) Weather was every bit as extreme in the past

2) The weather can vary enormously from one year to another. This cannot be better exemplified than the series for December, which has offered up very mild months to very cold ones, very dry ones to very wet, and very snowy ones to very little snow.


JANUARY 7, 2022