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By Paul Homewood

Following up that Prof Grubb letter, I have sent this off to The Times:

Dear Sir

The letter from Prof Grubb (Jan 4) concerning electricity prices was grossly inaccurate and misleading. He claims that “Consumers are paying three to four times the cost of generating electricity from new wind and solar”, and that “Last year these renewables generated more than a quarter of our electricity”.

In reality the new wind and solar farms he refers to have not even started operation yet, and will not for another two to three years. The “quarter of our electricity” currently coming from renewables is in fact extremely expensive, averaging about two thirds dearer than even the currently inflated cost of gas fired generation.

Subsidies for renewable generators are currently costing electricity users over £9bn a year, and are the reason why bills are so high, not the system rules which he blames.

Yours faithfully

Paul Homewood


JANUARY 5, 2022