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Hurricane as a target zone. Climatic weapon concept. Satellite view. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

The swing we just had is childs play to other years. Lets look at some examples in the Schizoid winter of 66-67 long before  the kind of nonsense blame game we see nowI will use the Atlantic City area since they got hammered Monday after being in the 60s on the weekend

ACY: foot of snow Christmas Eve 1966.

70s a month later to the date

Chicago blasted by a blizzard on 27th of Jan 1967

East coast blasted the 6th-7th

coast blasted the 10th (inch in Philly). 18 inches in Somers Point. 13 inches Atlantic City

record cold the 14th (ACY went below 0)

Storm to the lake’s wipes snow cover out 2 days later

the front comes through waves on front 17-18 produce foot of snow

this is the wonder of the weather. It’s natural and should drive people to view the weather and its swings with excitement. Someone trying to portray what just happened, especially after calling this out Dec 17, and what was likely to happen, either is lying or has no idea what they are talking about

The fact is there have been warm Decembers that were precedent for cold Jan, The cold I thought would come by Christmas from months out was delayed. BUT NOT DENIED and in reality, the bringing up of “ridiculous” mid-December warmth is typical, They could care less about the weather until they can use it.

It shows you the dirty cesspool that they are dragging what I love in to, believe what you may about why it is warmer overall, you may be right no matter what I think, but don’t be fooled by people who could care less about what the weather does, until it does it, and they can use it.

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January 6, 2022