Ipsos Mori Poll: UK People Reject Expensive Climate Action

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t JoNova; According to Ipsos Mori, 83% of the British people want drastic climate action, but support “drops off rapidly” when people are asked to make personal sacrifices.

Climate change: UK public more worried than ever about global warming, but still doesn’t want to pay to fix it

Ipso Mori survey finds that people have become noticeably more concerned in the past year after a string of extreme weather events

By Tom Bawden
Science & Environment CorrespondentJanuary 2, 2022 3:06 pm(Updated 3:22 pm)

The UK public is considerably more concerned by climate change than it was even a year ago, following a string of wildfires, storms and other extreme events around the world this year, a new survey shows.

The survey also finds that while people are in favour of drastic measures to help the country become net zero by 2050 in theory – when they realise the cost and potential inconvenience it could give them personally support drops off rapidly.

But a followup question asking them to consider making personal sacrifices, such as not being able to take a flight or missing out on a favourite food because it was wrapped in single-use plastic, found only one measure had majority support – charging more for environmentally-damaging products and services.

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh, of Bath University and a director of CAST, added: “This provides further evidence that the UK public want urgent action on climate change, but may not yet be fully aware of the implications for individuals of doing so.”

Read more: https://inews.co.uk/news/environment/climate-change-uk-public-more-worried-global-warming-pay-fix-1361102

The survey was conducted by Ipsos Mori & C.A.S.T. last October.

I believe the core reason why support drops off when personal sacrifices are demand is not lack of awareness. The problem is people in Britain have been bombarded with falsehoods about the cost of climate action.

How many dodgy claims have you seen or heard, about how cheap wind and solar energy is, compared to fossil fuel? About how embracing 100% renewables will reduce your energy bill?

In addition, meaningless coercive rituals like sorting trash into different bins may have created an impression in people’s minds that they are already doing their bit.

When the true cost of renewables begins to bite, and Britain has only had a taste of this so far, British politicians are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

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