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Within hours of the Louisville, Colorado fires the press was full of stories blaming it on “climate change

which they conditioned the public to link to the burning of fossil fuels. YouTube contaminates my videos with this propaganda.

The press never misses a chance to leverage their agenda with human misery. I used to work in Louisville and rode my bicycle across the city every day, and know a number of people who lost their houses in the fire.  The reason the fire was so destructive was because of very high winds and highly flammable houses built right next to each other.

COLORADO WILDFIRE: NWS data: Winds of 110-115 mph fueled devastating wildfire | FOX31 Denver

It started as a grass fire south of Boulder.

Burning houses ignited neighboring houses and hot embers blew downwind and ignited the roofs of other houses.

Some houses got skipped by the fire.

My bicycle commute across the city took me past a Cooper’s Hawk nest, and in 2017 I filmed the birth and childhood of the chicks.

Evacuation Area for Marshall Fire – Boulder OEM

Boulder has gotten steadily snowier and wetter over the past century.

The winter of 2019-2020 was officially the snowiest winter on record in Boulder.

11:03 AM · Apr 16, 2020

The first half of 2021 was one of the wettest on record in Boulder, and this led to the growth of very tall grass.

But the second half of the year was very dry.

This was caused by a shift in the jet stream which was blowing west to east across the Front Range for the last few months. This pattern caused record snow in California.

9:58 AM · Dec 27, 2021

But the westerly Chinook winds warm up and dry out the Front Range and is a “typical weather pattern” associated with La Nina.

This is a typical weather pattern with a natural La Nina weather oscillation

Seth Borenstein claimed that riding a bicycle in December in Boulder was rare, but the exact opposite is true. Boulder is the #1 cycling city in the US because you can cycle year round.

Boulder Bike Culture | Boulder Colorado USA

I rode my bicycle to work almost every day and most days rode up the mountain to the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I took this ride on December 29, 2019 during Boulder’s snowiest winter on record.

The weather pattern has changed and now there is a dip in the Jet Stream and the Front Range is very cold and snowy.

Jet Stream Winds at 300 mb (~30,000 ft) (GFS 10-day Forecast)

For years climate alarmists have been blaming this pattern on melting Arctic ice.

But Arctic sea ice is extent the highest in the past 18 years, so that story has fallen apart.

Charctic Interactive Sea Ice Graph | Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis

Boulder prides themselves in being leaders on “climate action” – but it obviously hasn’t worked

Boulder Climate Action Plan – Wikipedia

Boulder shut down their cola fired power plant four years ago.

Here is the real story about Colorado climate – the climate is unlivable without an adequate energy supply, and the state is shutting down all of their fossil fueled powered electricity, like the Rawhide generating station north of Fort Collins. Valentines Day last year was the coldest day on record that late in winter and there was no wind or solar power available.

Lots of people froze to death in Texas.


Colorado came close having the same problem, but were rescued by neighboring Republican states which were more responsible. When they shut down the remaining coal and natural gas plants they will guarantee a catsatrophe.

“In recent years, PRPA has shifted more of its energy load to renewable sources, and it plans to reach 100% non-carbon generation by 2030

the intense cold at PRPA’s wind farms in Wyoming forced operators to shut them down. When ice builds on the windmill blades, it creates an imbalance that can damage the turbines, Roalstad said. As it turned out, the wind wasn’t blowing there anyway, so wind farm shutdowns had little impact. Solar resources were also of little to no help because the solar panels were covered with snow. The cold and limited sunshine kept the snow from melting.

Roalstad said that left the utility with two alternatives, and it used both. It bought power from neighboring utilities that might have had some to spare, and it asked consumers to reduce use.

The solution to situations such as this past weekend and what could occur in future years as PRPA and other utilities shut down coal-fired plants will be tapping into larger networks.”

PRPA: Cold snap accentuates importance of energy networks – Loveland Reporter-Herald

US CO2 emissions have been declining for 15 years, as China’s have skyrocketed.  The US could disappear off the map and it would have almost impact on atmospheric CO2. The idea that Boulder, Colorado or the US can control control the climate is pretty far into the realm of insanity.

CO₂ and Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Our World in Data

Even John Kerry admits that the US could drop off the map and it wouldn’t make any difference

.Kerry: Zero emissions won’t make difference in climate change

Governments don’t have any control of climate.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

China is building a huge number of new coal fired power plants.

Wayback Machine

President Trump has understood what is going on for many years, which was one of the reasons for the coup against him and the across the board conspiracy by the press and social media to censor him.

via Real Climate Science


January 1, 2022