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Little Children Suing 33 Governments

By Paul Homewood

Using children for political purposes is child abuse. So why is the BBC giving credibility to this latest venture?

According to the Guardian:

Young activists from Portugal have filed the first climate change case at the European court of human rights in Strasbourg, demanding 33 countries make more ambitious emissions cuts to safeguard their future physical and mental wellbeing.

The crowdfunded legal action breaks new ground by suing multiple states both for the emissions within their borders and also for the climate impact that their consumers and companies have elsewhere in the world through trade, fossil-fuel extraction and outsourcing.

The plaintiffs – four children and two young adults – want the standard-setting court to issue binding orders on the 33 states, which include the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland and Ukraine, to prevent discrimination against the young and protect their rights to exercise outdoors and live without anxiety.

The case is being filed after Portugal recorded its hottest July in 90 years. It was initiated three years ago following devastating forest fires in Portugal that killed over 120 people in 2017. Four of the plaintiffs are from Leiria, one of the worst-hit areas. The two other applicants live in Lisbon, which sweltered through record-breaking 44C heat in 2018.

It is self evident that the kids did not bring the action themselves, but that they were put up to it. The legal action is being funded by a far left outfit called Global Legal Action Network, which specialises in human rights law.

The children say they want they want the “same luxuries as the generations of our parents had. That should be good then!

As for burning up, Lisbon summers are barely hotter now than in the 1940s:

There is a fundamental issue at stake in this case and others like it. Western societies are run on a system called democracy. What right do these children, or the Court of Human Rights have to overturn policies made by a democratically elected government?


December 31, 2021

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