Sea Ice Data Tampering at DMI

By Paul Homewood

Electroverse have uncovered some blatant data tampering by DMI:

It would appear that the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) may have taken a leaf out of NASA’s ‘data-fudging 101‘.

Sometime between late-Nov and early-Dec this year, the DMI’s Arctic Sea Ice Volume chart experienced a mysterious ‘vanishing’ of ice — this is revealed by a direct comparison of the Nov 18th and the Dec 8th charts below (via a slideshow):

The DMI have inexplicably brought the entire year’s Arctic Sea Ice data down by more than 2,000 km3 (or 12+%).

Note also that previous years have been revised down, too, but only during the summer melt season.

The averages have not been changed, nor has the scale, only the data points: all have been revised down so as to create a disparity from the 2004-2013 average. I’m struggling, but have no other word for this than ‘fraud’.

I had previously considered the Danish Meteorological Institute to be more trustworthy than their bigger data-tampering brothers NOAA and NASA (I still use their Greenland SMB chart on Electroverse), but I know they’re not strangers to controversy.

Back in the summer of 2019, the DMI reported a “shocking” early-August temperature of between 2.7C (37F) and 4.7C (40.5F) at the Summit weather station, located some 3,202m above sea level at the center of the Greenland ice sheet.

This news quickly spread to every corner of the alarmist web, including CNN and The Guardian; however, just a few days later, the DMI posted a tweet retracting the reading: after a “closer look” (whatever that means) it was revealed that the monitoring equipment had been giving “erroneous results”. Ironically, the DMI went on the admit that heavy snow had caused poor ventilation around the thermometers at the site, wrongly boosting the temperature.

I’ve contacted the DMI for comment re the disappearing ice, though I won’t be holding my breath…

I am able to corroborate their findings. In September I took this screenshot of DMI sea ice thickness. Note that the black line for this year was close to the 2018 line, and above 2017 for Sep 20th:

But the new version shows this year well below those two years:

In addition, there are clearly huge differences between the two maps, with large areas of 3m thick ice in the central area now reduced to 2m thick.

There is no other way to describe this than blatant fraud. The changes do not appear to have been even documented, and the old data is not archived, being simply “replaced”. These should surely be very basic scientific requirements.

Neither does there appear to have been any public announcement by DMI about the fact or the justifications for what amounts to a significant change.

What this episode means is that DMI can no longer be trusted to produce honest, reliable data. It also raises the question of whether similar tampering has been carried out in previous years, without anybody being aware. After all, it is only by pure accident that it has been spotted this time.


DECEMBER 10, 2021