The Global Average Temperature Dropped 0.29C Last Month — Now Sits at Just 0.08C Above The 30-Year Baseline

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The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for November, 2021 has come in at 0.08 deg. C above the 30-year baseline. This is down quite a bit from the October, 2021 value of 0.037 deg. C, and down substantially (approx. 0.51C deg. C) from where we were at the beginning of 2020. A continuation of this downward trend is expected in the coming months/years as La Nina conditions/low solar activity persist.

Saying that, this recent drop has come as somewhat of a surprise — even for me.

For those who check in daily with (a dataset maintained by the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine), you likely would have expected November’s LT to have held near its October reading of 0.37C–due to daily readings of between 0.4C – 0.7C above the mulitidecadal base prevailing throughout all of November. However, worth remembering here is that Climate Reanalyzer is just a forecast, it relies on models (the GFS) for its predictions (and we all know the trouble relying solely on models can get you), whereas the UAH uses real-world data collated by satellites to paint its picture.

The far more reliable UAH has spoken, and according to those 15x NASA/NOAA AMSU satellites that measure every square inch of the lower troposphere (where us humans reside), Earth’s temperature cooled quite drastically in November (note also that the satellite data is preferable to ground measurements, with the latter susceptible to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect — see here, too).

A drop of 0.29C takes us to just 0.08C above the baseline and continues the downward trend from 2016. As it stands, Earth’s temperature was actually warmer back in the early-1990s and late-1987.

Delving deeper into the data, as courtesy of former NASA scientist Dr. Roy Spencer, who, in partnership with Dr. John Christy, maintains the UAH dataset, every region of the planet cooled last month, with the largest drop occurring in the Arctic where a plunge of more than 1 Deg. C (from +0.63C to -0.42C) was observed:


2021 10  0.37  0.46  0.27  0.33  0.84  0.63  0.06
2021 11  0.08  0.11  0.06  0.14  0.50 -0.42 -0.29  

Since 2016, Earth’s average temperature is down 0.62C.

However, irrefutable contradictions to the so-called ‘consensus’ –such as that above– won’t stop AGW Party members from pursuing their end goal of ‘total climate misinformation’. Stories of linearly rising global temperatures and rapidly melting polar sea ice are still being published by a corrupt MSM, stories which are veering ever-further away from our changing climatic reality:

I have no crystal ball, of course, I’m merely using historical documentation and referencing the sunspot record (which extends back 400+ years) to make a forecast.

During prolonged spells of of low solar activity, Earth’s terrestrial temperature falls. And with the sun currently on the cusp of its next Grand Solar Minimum (a multidecadal spell of low activity–see link below) and suffering its lowest output of the past 100+ years, the obvious assumption is that the global average temperature will decrease.

The Sun also goes through Grand Solar MAXIMUMS–periods of unusually high solar activity. The most recent maximum –‘The Modern Maximum‘– ran from 1914 to around 2007. Coincidentally, global temperatures increased slightly during this period — a rise today’s activist-pawns would have you believe is correlated to rising atmospheric CO2 levels (aka “catastrophic global warming”).

But now, after an approximately ten year lag –likely due to ocean inertia as well as a record-strong El Nino (2014-16)– Earth’s temperature has started falling again. However, this fall is expected to continue in ‘waves’ — it likely won’t just go straight down.

Taking a closer look at the drop since 2016 (enlarged below), a descending ‘zigzag’ pattern has indeed emerged. Stay with me here, but what we see is an initial plunge (in early-2016 to mid-2017); then a blip back up (to late-2017); a continuation of the plunge (to late-2018); and then a sharp rise back up (peaking in early 2020); then a big fall back down (bottoming early-2021); then a spike back up (to Oct-2021), and now the beginning of the drop back down (Nov-2021).

Also note that all these peaks and troughs land below their previous counterparts — i.e. there is an overall downward trend.

For those still with me, next up should be a continuation of the current drop, which should then bottom-out below the low of early-2021 (down to approx. 0.2C below the baseline), before a temporary climb back up (peaking below that early-2020 high).

I admit that all this is highly dubious, and feel free to take me to task if none of it materializes; but my point is that the climate, like everything else in the universe, is cyclic — there are patterns to be discerned. We humans have been programmed to recognize these universal cycles, we’ve evolved among them. The trouble today is, we’re being instructed not to trust our own instincts and not to tap into our deeply-woven understanding of the cosmos.

Allowing this to happen has been humanity’s biggest mistake.

The UN, and in this case its grubby little IPCC offshoot, is not an all-knowing entity — it is a political body created to control an ever-expanding global population. If we were all free to just stop and think then we would quickly realize that truth lies far beyond the framework of governmental bodies, and that these forces we know of as ‘multinational conglomerates’ have long been in control of our lives, poisoning us both mentally and physically.

Truth can be found in craning your neck back and gazing up at the stars — the best answers come when questions aren’t asked. Just stopping, slowing your breathing, and opening yourself up to cosmogenic forcings are masteries we’ve all long forgotten.

This, I believe, explains why many of us are feeling “lost” and that life is spiraling “out of our control”.


Turn off the TV/radio/computer/phone…

And do nothing but breathe…

Prepare for what’s coming — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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