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We are in contact with many scientists and researchers who wish to remain anonymous due to the politicized nature of science, (and everything else) these days. They send us things, including things that chill us to the bone.

We received this email today forwarded from the “Scientists for Global Responsibility

Hi xxxxxxx

I’m writing as I believe you may be interested in signing the Science Oath for the Climate organized by Scientists for Global Responsibility in the run-up to COP26.

The oath is for scientists, engineers and academics to demonstrate their commitment to speaking out about the scale of the threat shown by the scientific evidence, and the consequent speed and scope of necessary action – despite the often politically challenging conclusions that they lead to. In order to show leadership, signatories pledge to take action to reduce their own emissions and to lobby their professional associations to align themselves to pathways compliant with the Paris 1.5°C pathway. The oath is about both individual behaviour and system change.

Details are at

I do hope that you would like to sign and I look forward to seeing your name on the list. If you were also able to distribute the Oath through your own channels, that would be a great help in improving its reach.

Best wishes,

Loyalty Oaths demanded by the Klimate Konsensus Katastrophists.

Not unexpected, but still frightfully sad.

The person who sent this thought we should make fun of it. Ridicule the effort. Show it for the nonsense it is. So I chose a clown image to tie it in, but I just can’t seem to see any humor in what is truly a totalitarian movement.

And a small FYI. We are on GETTR now @wattsupwiththat. We have not enabled automatic posting yet so it’s not as up to date as our twitter feed, but we are working with GETTR to get that resolved, with luck, in a couple of weeks.

When that is resolved, we will do a full post announcement.

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December 2, 2021