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“Washington just lost it’s permit-only spring bear season when the state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission vote came up tied 4-4. This is despite the fact that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff had recommended the commission approve the hunt, which has taken place each spring since 1999.  The vote to stop the spring bear hunt highlights the political divisiveness in the state and game commission, as well as the abuse of power wrought by Gov. Jay Inslee and favoritism for urban areas west of the Cascade Mountains. And it’s emblematic of anti-hunting efforts taking place nationally—including in your state.”  — Brian Lynn, VP of communications at Sportsmen’s Alliance, writes in Outdoor Life

In Episode 232 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discusses three important stories floating under the radar: the BLM’s renewable energy push under a “multiple-use” management framework and if going carbon-free is practical; the implications of the cancelled black bear hunt in Washington State; and PERC and Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s partnership of the first Elk Occupancy Agreement and how it advances free market environmentalism.

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EP 243: Young Voices Contributors Kat Dwyer & Patrick Hynes on Covering the E&E Beat District of Conservation

In Episode 243 of District of Conservation, Gabriella is joined by fellow Young Voices Contributors Kat Dwyer and Patrick Hynes, who also cover the energy and environment beat for the program. Kat is the media & marketing manager at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) and host of the Whiskey Bench podcast. Patrick serves as chair of the DC Libertarian Party and an Editorial Associate with the American Conservation Coalition.  The three of them discuss top issues in 2022, their niche areas, how Young Voices gives them latitude to cover these issues, and much more. SHOW NOTES Follow Kat's work at Young Voices and online at Instagram, and Twitter.  Follow Patrick's work at Young Voices and online at Instagram and Twitter. Learn about Young Voices here and apply for the Summer 2022 session. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/district-of-conservation/support
  1. EP 243: Young Voices Contributors Kat Dwyer & Patrick Hynes on Covering the E&E Beat
  2. EP 242: Virginia Elk Hunt Lottery Application Details and Previewing My Florida State University Speech
  3. EP 241: The Return of VCDL Lobby Day, Va. Fly Fishing & Wine Festival, SHOT Show
  4. EP 240: Radical Environmentalists Accuse Glenn Youngkin of Nominating "Extremist" Andrew Wheeler
  5. EP 239: Why Exiting RGGI Will Benefit Virginia Consumers and Producers


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November 30, 2021