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By Paul Homewood

Quick update on the Audi e-tron costs, with a look at leasing rates:

Over 36 months, and assuming 10,000 miles pa, the total lease cost is £35209 v £21739 for the e-tron and Q5 respectively.

Including VAT, the costs rise to £42250 and £26086, meaning the electric car is £16164 dearer. This corresponds closely to what we know about the outright purchase prices.

These costs include service, maintenance and tyres. Interestingly the extra added on for these is £33.40 and £25.85 per month for the e-tron and Q5 respectively (excl VAT).

In other words, maintenance costs are actually higher for the e-tron, which runs counter to everything we have been told by proponents of EVs.

I personally am not surprised by this, as I find most of my maintenance costs revolve around tyres and breaks. Given the fact the the e-tron weighs about a quarter more, those costs will inevitably be higher.


NOVEMBER 29, 2021