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By Paul Homewood

The Daily Express is well known for its fake warnings of weather apocalypse, supplied by the likes of Exacta Weather, in the last few years – there’s always, supposedly a heatwave, blizzard, superstorm or flood just around the corner.

The only trouble is they never arrive. This has long been a source of mirth amongst Express readers.

However, under its new, woke, left wing, remoaner editor, Gary Jones, the Express has launched its Green Britain Campaign. This week it features fake warnings of apocalypse not from the clowns at Exacta, but the clowns at the Met Office and Environment Agency:

The link leads to this article:


Some winters are wetter than average, and others aren’t. But climate change has nothing to do with it.

If we analyse the November to January rainfall records, we can see there is no such trend at all:


The Met Office has specifically referred to the period November to January, as this is the crucial determinant of winter floods. February is generally a dry month, so the traditional winter period of December to February is less significant. Also the rainfall totals leading up to the start of winter are an important factor in the severity of the floods that follow.

It is quite irresponsible for the Met Office and Environmental Agency to put their names to this rubbish. Particularly when it is obviously intended for political purposes.

As for the idea that 1.5 million homes could flood, this is sheer hysteria, calculated to scare the masses into submission. Even in the worst years, flooding never affects more than a few thousand homes, most of which are built on flood plains.

Flooding is terrible for those involved, but from a nationwide wide viewpoint is no more than an irritant. To deliberately peddle the lie that millions of people could be flooded is contemptible.

via Watts Up With That?

November 27, 2021