UK PM Explains how Old Soviet Catchphrases Apply to his Green Revolution

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to UK PM Boris Johnson, the words of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin, who ushered in seventy years of famine and oppression, offer worthwhile guidance to supporters of his British green revolution.

Absolutely a Conservative, Honest! Boris Quotes Lenin to Promote Build Back Greener

Speaking at the Port of Tyne in South Shields at the opening session of the annual Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on Monday morning, Mr Johnson used a quote from the former Soviet Union dictator to frame his vision for a “green industrial revolution”.

“Lenin once said that the communist revolution was Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country,” Johnson said.

“Well, I hesitate to quote Lenin at the Confederation of British Industry, but the coming industrial revolution is green power plus the electrification of the whole country,” he continued.

Mr Johnson said that his green agenda is a “moral mission”, explaining that he has become “more idealistic” as he has grown older.

“It’s a moral thing but it’s also an economic imperative. Because if this country could achieve the same kind of geographical balance and dispersion of growth and wealth that you find in most of our most successful economic comparators… then there would be absolutely no stopping us and what we would achieve,” the prime minister said.

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What can I say – Lenin was a very persuasive speaker, the only problem is he was wrong about pretty much everything. Reminds me of someone.

I look forward to next week, when Boris Johnson will no doubt quote Joseph Stalin’s advice on the best way to implement Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Maybe one of Stalin’s more famous quotes, like “Education is a weapon …”.

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November 23, 2021