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Sky News host Chris Smith says the push to adopt small modular nuclear reactors is going into “overdrive” as Rolls Royce gains the support of the British government to build a fleet of miniature reactors.

“Unlike Australian politicians the British and the Europeans are not afraid of nuclear power which already supplies 70 per cent of France’s energy needs and 31 per cent of baseload power in the UK,” he said.

Mr. Smith discussed the developments with Rolls Royce SMR CEO Tom Samson.

“We’d seen the challenges with large nuclear in the UK and elsewhere and we wanted to design a product that was really trying to address four key criteria,” Mr. Samson said.

“Low cost, deliverable, global and scalable, and importantly investable.

“And we felt that with those attributes we could create a product that would then address the unprecedented levels of demand for clean energy with our nuclear SMR solution.”