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By Paul Homewood

h/t Dave Ward

You could not make it up!

An Insulate Britain activist jailed after blocking traffic spent more than two years driving across the world in a diesel 4×4.

As she was jailed for four months, Emma Smart announced that she was going on hunger strike as she insisted that her actions were “morally right” and “in my heart I know I am on the right side of history”.

But the 44 year old, who has been arrested a number of times for her protest activities, including a previous charge for blocking a motorway, has been accused of hypocrisy after she drove more than 81,000 miles across 52 countries in a diesel vehicle.

A blog post by Smart said that they had returned to the UK to earn money and were in a position to continue their travels in the 25-year-old four-wheel drive in around 2019, but they put the plans “on pause” to join Extinction Rebellion (XR) and engage in climate activism.

Before becoming involved in XR, Smart and her partner, who describe themselves as “valiant adventurers whose dream is to circumnavigate the planet”, drove across Europe, the Western Sahara and central and south-east Asia.

Their travels between 2012 and 2016 included trips to Spain, Italy, Mongolia, Russia, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Iran, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

They returned to the UK in order to get jobs and earn money, Smart said, and two and a half years after they had returned they had saved enough to ship their Toyota Hilux to South America and begin what they described as “phase 4” of their travels.


via Watts Up With That?

November19, 2021