By Paul Homewood

You will recall that the BBC published this patently fake graph this week, purportedly showing that new pledges at COP26 would save 10.5 GtCO2 by 2030, cutting emissions a fifth:

Previously they have always used the well respected Climate Action Tracker graph, which gives a much smaller saving of  3.3 to 4.7 GtCO2,  meaning that emissions remain flat.

So I decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth – the UN Environment Program, UNEP.

They have carefully analysed all of the new pledges at COP26, and even accounted for savings from announced pledges which have not been formally submitted.

They calculate a reduction in GHGs of just oved 4 Gt. In other words pretty much the same as the Climate Action Tracker:

The UNEP are quite clear what this means:

It is scandalous that the BBC chose to bury the accurate, if inconvenient, graph, and replace it with a fake one from a bunch of lobbyists, chaired by Adair Turner,  whose stated intent is:


NOVEMBER 17, 2021