By Paul Homewood

Harrabin’s at it again, with the usual lies and disinformation from his hand picked “experts”:

Scientists and leading climate experts have voiced concerns about the outcomes of the COP26 climate conference, in Glasgow.

Those who spoke to the BBC praised the conference for getting countries to agree to meet again next year to pledge deeper emissions cuts. And they welcomed agreements on forests, innovation and especially methane – from fossil fuel extraction and livestock.

But the scientists fear politicians won’t deliver. And they say the hope of holding temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels is far too unambitious anyway.

The experts say that with a temperature rise so far of just 1.1C, the world is already in a state of dangerous heating, with record temperatures, wildfires, floods and droughts.

Prof Sir David King, former UK chief scientist, told me: “Of course heating is already at a dangerous level. Greenland is sitting in blue sea for three months losing ice. Temperatures in the polar summer were 32C … the forests were on fire.

“Even if we cut emissions completely we’d still be in a difficult place because of the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere already.”

There’s a similar message from Prof Piers Forster, coordinating lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “People are already dying and species are becoming extinct with current temperatures,” he said. “We have locked in centuries of sea level rise.

“1.5C has become the talisman for the safest we can hope for this century. But the more we learn the more we realise there is no safe limit [for emissions].”

Why the idiot King gets any airtime is a mystery. He is utterly discredited by his own past climate pronouncements. His comments this time on Greenland are another gem:

 Of course heating is already at a dangerous level. Greenland is sitting in blue sea for three months losing ice. Temperatures in the polar summer were 32C

CLUE- this is what happens every year – it is called summer.

The seas in summer around Greenland look no different now than they did in 2003, the start of the DMI record. The only sea ice is around the north coast:

And those boiling temperatures? Summer daytime temperatures are no higher now in Greenland than they were between 1920 and 1960, both in the west (Ilulissat) and east (Tassilaq):

It was of course the same David King who told Parliament in 2004 that the Greenland icecap would probably all be gone in 50 or 200 years.

Piers Forster is little better, claiming that people are dying because of “current temperatures”. What on earth is that supposed to mean? Lots of people die from the cold in winter, not to mention storms, floods etc.

But the reality is that weather related deaths are now a tiny fraction of what they used to be.

The BBC has now seen that most of the world does not care a fig for climate change, and certainly is not going to impoverish itself to fight it. In turn pressure is starting to build at home as the public realises whatever we do on our own will have no effect at all.

Harrabin knows he is losing the battle, and is now having to resort to disinformation from the likes of King and Forster as he doubles down.


NOVEMBER 17, 2021