Australian Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce, who recently caved on supporting Australian Net Zero, has criticised COP26 President Alok Sharma for ignoring Britain’s Fossil Fuel industry in his call for climate shutdowns.

Australian deputy PM mocks Alok Sharma’s emotional reaction at Cop26

Barnaby Joyce takes a swipe at chair of the climate summit for trying to ‘shut down industries in other people’s countries’

Daniel Hurst and Katharine Murphy in CanberraMon 15 Nov 2021 20.11 AEDT

Australia’s deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has mocked the British chair of the UN climate summit for becoming emotional about the watering down of language on coal, and for attempting to “shut down industries in other people’s countries”.

With the Australian government under pressure for first agreeing to a communique that flagged reviewing the current 2030 target before the Cop27 in Egypt – only to rule that same prospect out a few hours later – Barnaby Joyce on Monday went on the political offensive.

Joyce told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Monday the Australian government had done a “great job” to protect coalminers’ jobs before proceeding to mock Sharma.

“You know, it annoys me … what’s the guy’s name? Was it the chairman Sharma in Glasgow,” Joyce said to the ABC. “He was with his gavel and oh, I’m almost crying, I can’t do this.”

The Australian political leader also contended Sharma had displayed a double standard. “He wants to shut down our coal industry but he never talked about shutting down the oilfields in the North Sea, Brent oil, you know he doesn’t want to shut that down.”

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If Barnaby Joyce had stood his ground on Net Zero, I would have celebrated his criticism of COP26. But given Joyce’s recent support for Net Zero, in my opinion his criticism of COP26 is pure political theatre, designed to try to play both sides, to claw back some of the respect Joyce lost when he voted for an eventual Net Zero shutdown of coal, and higher fuel prices for rural people.

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2021 November 16