Roger Pielke, Jr. is the most senior environmental studies prof at the University of Colorado in Boulder. His treatment sends a clear message to students & faculty alike: Deviate from the climate script and you will be cast out.

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, the campus website is plastered with encouragement. ‘Be Boulder’ students are told. Step forward and speak your truth.

But as a new report I’ve written for the Global Warming Policy Foundation reveals, this is just meaningless blather.

Any student tempted to believe this marketing slogan immediately needs to read The Hounding of Roger Pielke Jr.

They need to hear how this natural disasters expert is being treated at their own institution, at this very moment. The details are nothing short of appalling.


So much for education expanding our minds and elevating our souls.

via Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

The Hounding of Roger Pielke Jr | Big Picture News, Informed Analysis (