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By Paul Homewood

The lies are coming thick and fast from the BBC this week: 


Before European settlement, several millions of acres burned every year, and large parts of the state were open parkland.

It was systematic fire suppression in the modern era, which has led to the build of combustible undergrowth and crowded forests which is now responsible for the giant conflagrations we now see, not climate change.

California Dept of Forestry & Fire Protection

Although rainfall in California has been particularly low this year, similarly dry years occurred in 1924 and 1977, and there is no trend to the state becoming drier:

And in the longer scheme of things, California’s climate is colder now than most of the time since the Ice Age, as evidenced by upper tree lines in the White Mountains:

HH Lamb: Climate, History and the Modern World

All in all, this is an extremely shoddy piece of reporting by Justin Rowlatt, who evidently is the BBC’s go to guy for climate disinformation.

via Watts Up With That?

2021 November 13