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By Paul Homewood

Why does the BBC hate the British public so much?


This is a question that faces most ordinary people in Britain, even if the £20,000 figure is probably exaggerated, Hard working families simply cannot afford the prices charged for EVs.

But according to the BBC, that is not a problem. You simply need to settle for less, and buy one for £20000 instead.

Of course, all you will get for that price is a tiny little box, that will be totally unsuitable for most people:

Alternatively you can opt for a second hand car, with a battery that will probably not last very much longer, and that will have very little resale value when you need to trade in.

Hopes that prices may fall in future years are no more than pie in the sky. Given the fact that raw materials make up to 70% of the cost of a battery, the opposite is more likely. In any event, what the price may be in ten or twenty years time does not help anybody in the meantime.

This response from the BBC is an insult to ordinary people.



November 11, 2021