1:21 PM · Nov 1, 2021

Meanwhile, back in the real world.

China Takes the Brakes Off Coal Production to Tackle Power Shortage – WSJ

“Bezos arrived in Scotland on Sunday at Prestwick Airport in his $65 million Gulfstream plane as part of a 400-strong parade of private jets.”

Jeff Bezos Discussed Climate Change With Prince Charles On The Eve Of Cop26

Al Gore said he was grateful to be there, and he should be. In 2006 he said we only had until the year 2016, and in 1989 the UN said we only had until the year 2000.

3:28 PM · Nov 1, 2021

2006: Al Gore Does Sundance – CBS News

He actually gave the earth a sixteen year reprieve beyond the original UN forecast.

Mercury News: Search Results

via Real Climate Science


November 1, 2021