Above: CFACT president Craig Rucker addresses conference attendees regarding CFACT’s film, Climate Hustle 2.

Prominent skeptical climate scientists, experts, authors, and activists gathered from around the world to attend the Heartland Institute’s 14th International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. CFACT cosponsored the event, and was proud to have several CFACT experts participate in panels and discussions. CFACT also showed its groundbreaking Climate Hustle 2 film to conference attendees.

CFACT volunteer Priscilla asks Dr. Patrick Moore about his new book and environmental issues.

The ICCC is the largest annual gathering of those skeptical of a so-called “climate crisis.” Indeed, despite continued challenges to travel from covid restrictions, many flocked to the conference from across the United States, including quite a few international attendees and experts from Germany, Canada, and Chile.

CFACT President Craig Rucker moderated two panels at the conference. One was titled “How to Oppose Woke Capital, Activist Investors, and Financial Regulators’ Efforts to Cancel Traditional Energy.” Rucker gave insight into how he participated in the now infamous shareholder meeting of Exxon Mobil where activist investors successfully ousted three board members to replace them with climate activists. Rucker and the other panel experts explained how this should be a warning bell to people every where that the radical Left is using economic institutions to achieve their dangerous agenda.

“The Left is clever. It used to be that big business and the Left were sworn enemies,” Rucker said. “Now, the Left can’t get enough of big business. Huge corporations are bending over backwards to go as woke as possible, and they’re using regular freedom-loving Americans’ investment money to do it, most of the time against their will or without their knowledge.”

CFACT’s Marc Morano gave a rousing speech addressing “Degraded Science and the Coming Great Reset.” Morano pulled headlines and quotes from mainstream media outlets that advocate for climate lockdowns that mimic covid lockdowns in the name of “saving the planet.” Under a climate lockdown, Morano explained, there would be little to no air travel, no new clothing, no private property, no meat eating, and of course, no use of traditional, reliable fossil fuel energy.

“If you’ve loved the last year and a half living under covid lockdowns, you’ll LOVE the coming climate lockdowns,” Morano sarcastically quipped.

CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 3
CFACT is at the 14th International Conference on Climate Change ICCC-14 WATCH NOW 2
CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 5

Left: Marc Morano receives CFACT’s “Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award.” Center: Heartland president James Taylor hosts an energy discussion with German climate experts Wolfgang Muller and Holger Thuss. Right: CFACT president Craig Rucker is interviewed by a representative from the University of Colorado.

On day two of the conference, CFACT presented its coveted Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award. The award is given to the climate change expert, spokesperson, or scientist that has done the most to boldly advocate for the facts behind climate change, sometimes despite incredible attacks and opposition from the Left. Previous winners included Lord Cristopher Monckton, Col. Walter Cunningham, Dr. Fred Singer, and Dr. Jay Lehr.

This year, CFACT gave the Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award to Marc Morano, for his bold commitment to spreading the truth on the climate issue. The catch was that Marc didn’t know this – even though he was the one opening the card announcing the winner! CFACT surprised Marc with a tribute video outlining his achievements throughout the years that can be watched here.

Well over 100 attendees watch CFACT’s Climate Hustle 2 at the culmination of the conference.

At the culmination of the conference, CFACT’s groundbreaking film, Climate Hustle 2: Rise of the Climate Monarchy, was shown to conference attendees. Well over 100 people packed the showing room to watch the movie; some for the second or third time, but many for the first time.

The film outlines the corruption behind the climate change issue, as well as the money and power involved. Leftist elites, activists, scientists, foundations, and politicians are making trillions off of the issue, all while they never apply the same restrictive rules to themselves that they want the common people to follow.

The film was received well, evoked many laughs as it ridiculed the Left’s hypocrisy on the issue, and was given a loud ovation at its conclusion.

“Well that was a treat!” Said one attendee at the conclusion. Another said “It almost makes you angry – thinking about all of this and what we’re up against.”

“The film was very educational as well as comedic in a great way,” said Priscilla Houser, a conference attendee and CFACT volunteer. “My favorite part was when Vaclav Klaus, the former president of the Czech Republic, gave his warnings about how we are repeating the descent into communism through environmentalism. It was very alarming.”

Additionally, at CFACT’s table at the conference, attendees thronged to get their own copy of the film. It was so popular, CFACT volunteers sold out of DVD copies!

CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 8
CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 7
CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 9

Left: Attendees flock to CFACT’s table to get their copy of Climate Hustle 2. Center: CFACT’s Marc Morano and Craig Rucker with astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon address the crowd after the movie showing. Right: Marc Morano participates in a contentious interview with journalists from the United Kingdom.

In addition to CFACT’s efforts at the conference, dozens of experts gave impressive presentations. Climatologist Dr. David Legates discussed his tenure working in government as well as his climate research. Heartland president James Taylor gave motivating speeches about the climate fight, encouraging attendees to keep fighting in the face of record censorship and opposition.

Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon gave a great presentation explaining the complicated concept of sunspot activity in a way that even someone unfamiliar with climate issues could understand. Anne Jordan, a nurse in Canada and Vice President of the Canada Health Alliance, explained how modern medicine cannot exist without single use plastics, fossil fuels, and the many other products that come from hydrocarbons.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts and Lord Christopher Monckton also gave speeches, each explaining how to debunk the climate alarmist claims.

Finally, Dr. Holger Thuss and Wolfgang Muller, leaders of EIKE, a German-based climate skeptic group, gave chilling discussions on the state of energy in their home nation of Germany. Thuss and Muller examined the failed government push to force renewables on the country, and how many Germans now have to deal with forced blackouts in the cold winter because the grid has become so unstable.

CFACT’s delegation to the conference was interviewed by several media outlets and writers. CFACT’s Rucker was interviewed by the Epoch Times as well as French TV, while Marc Morano gave a contentious interview with a journalist from the United Kingdom.

CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 10
CFACT is at the 14th International Conference on Climate Change ICCC-14 WATCH NOW 3
CFACT experts, Climate Hustle 2 film make big impact at Heartland Climate Conference 12

Left: nurse and healthcare expert Anne Jordan discusses the importance of single use plastics to healthcare. Center: Meteorologist Anthony Watts speaks to the conference crowd. Right: Lord Christopher Monckton gives the keynote address virtually from the United Kingdom.

The UN is going “full steam ahead,” so to speak, with their radical climate agenda, and President Biden continues to push Green New Deal style policies through both legislation and regulation. Yet despite these challenges, there still exists large opposition from excellent experts in the science community against these climate alarmist actions in government.

CFACT, for its part, will continue to fight the good fight by publishing expert articles and reports from these scientists and authors, as well as appearing on many television, radio, and internet programs to dispel climate myths. CFACT will also be attending the UN’s COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to expose the radical agenda being enacted there and to also act as a fly in the UN’s climate alarmist ointment.

Stay tuned for more updates on these efforts.



October 18, 2021