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Energy crises are hitting economies worldwide with blackouts reported in China, the UK facing a winter of fuel and food shortages, Germans facing a winter of heating and cooking without gas or electricity…and energy prices in oil, natural gas and coal are spiking worldwide.

Energy commodities are driven by global demand, so these problems will hit Canada, too.

In 2013, Friends of Science brought Dr. Benny Peiser from the UK to talk about Europe’s failed climate policies for our 10th Annual event https://friendsofscience.org/index.ph…

Things were catastrophic enough THEN.

He talkd about how heat-or-eat poverty was affecting millions of people THEN.

Things will be much worse this winter.

The root cause of these problems are poor climate policies based on Net Zero ideologies.

One must question the World Economic Forum, which in 2006 saw oil price shock and pandemic as global risks, but by 2020 had replaced them with ‘climate change’.

Are hedge funds profiting from your despair?

Before Canada moves further on climate plans, we must demand full cost-benefit analysis of Net Zero proposals – because our lives depend on access to affordable, reliable energy.