Aussie Mining Billionaire Gina Rinehart Warns Students About Climate Propaganda

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Iconic self made billionaire Gina Rinehart has warned school students against allowing climate propaganda to erode their critical thinking skills, urged them to guard against propaganda intruding on real education, and explained to Anglican School students the world heated and cooled on its own, long before before humans appeared.

Gina Rinehart warns of ‘propaganda’ in climate denial video to students

By Peter Milne
October 7, 2021 — 7.34am

Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart has said humans do not cause global warming and warned against climate change “propaganda” in a speech to students at her old school.

The iron ore billionaire said the students at St Hilda’s in leafy upmarket Mosman Park in Perth were “overwhelmed by media and propaganda” regarding climate change and urged them to “research for the facts”.

Mrs Rinehart said the girls should consider influences such as the sun’s orbit, volcanoes and “other scientific facts that I had the benefit of learning when I was at school”.

She said as the globe had heated and cooled in the past, global warming was not caused by humans.

Climate-focused non-profit organisation Climate Analytics’ chief executive Bill Hare said Mrs Rinehart’s speech was “shockingly wrong on every single issue she mentions”.

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The following is the video of Gina speaking to students;

Gina cited Al Gore’s “An inconvenient Truth“, accusing Al Gore of making less than truthful statements about polar bears and other climate issues. Gina repeatedly criticised how students in West Australia had been forced to watch Al Gore’s film at school, in some cases four times.

Gina told students about Ian Plimer and Lord Monckton. Reminisced about a time Lord Monckton and Ian Plimer changed a 70% belief in the anthropogenic climate emergency into a 30% belief, after speaking at a school.

In my opinion West Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan is a climate hypocrite. He does not appear to want to kill the mining industry golden goose which funds his welfare programmes, but in my opinion he appeases his left wing supporters for allowing such climate sin on his watch, by giving them free rein to indoctrinate the school kids under his care, possibly including kids in Gina’s old school St Hilda’s.

Nevertheless Gina Rinehart has taken a substantial business risk by courageously speaking out against relentless indoctrination of kids – much of her fortune is invested in mining businesses in West Australia.

Gina challenged students to do their own research.

Gina accused governments of awarding one sided grants.

Gina makes plenty of other great points in the video, it is well worth watching.

Gina’s courage is a serious blow to climate propaganda efforts in Australia. A lot of people look up to Gina as an iconic female entrepreneur who turned her father’s bankrupt mining business into one of the largest personal fortunes in Australian history, in less than two decades.

Update (EW): h/t leeVoltron – The school seems less than pleased with the speech by their most famous alumni. “St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls principal slams Gina Rinehart’s global warming views in email to parents” ABC claims the school censored the video, only playing the first part. But given the video is available on the web, I’m guessing most of the students have seen the full speech.

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October 7, 2021