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Manufactured Crisis ?


Dozens of cargo ships anchored off the coasts of Los Angeles and New York face shocking wait times of up to four weeks and railyards and trucking routes are hopelessly clogged due to the lack of manpower to unload goods – with an expert warning that the government needs to intervene or face spiraling inflation and unemployment.

“Part of the problem is the ships are double or triple the size of the ships we were seeing 10 or 15 years ago,” Louttit told Insider. “They take longer to unload. You need more trucks, more trains, more warehouses to put the cargo.”

Supply chains have lagged far behind consumer demand due to a lack of manpower at American ports and the restrictions that came with the COVID-19 outbreak early last year. These constraints, which include social distancing and mandatory quarantines, have severely limited the number and ability of port workers to do their jobs.

Video from the 100 hundred ships that are around Los Angeles at the moment:

About 20 containers wait to be unloaded in Southern California. Surfers are just hanging out. 
Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

A photo of the Southern California coast taken from a plane. 
Sam Kirschner

According to the leaders of the shipping industry, nobody is listening, and a global disaster could be the result.


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