“Senate Democrats just voted to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning to lead @BLMNational. She colluded with eco-terrorists. She stone-walled a criminal investigation for years. She lied to the Senate. And she still holds radically dangerous views.” — Senator John Barrasso 

In Episode 217 of District of Conservation, Gabriella briefs listeners on the news of Tracy Stone-Mannings confirmation to lead the Bureau of Land Management. Stone-Manning was confirmed by a 50-45 vote yesterday, with five Republicans –  Senators Blackburn (R-TN), Cornyn (R-TX), Moran (R-KS), Paul (R-KY), and Tuberville (R-AL) – voting “Not Present.”

EP 224: McAuliffe vs. Youngkin—Who's Better for Virginia's True Conservationists? District of Conservation

In Episode 224 of District of Conservation, Gabriella compares and contrasts Virginia's gubernatorial candidates – Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin – on firearms/Second Amendment rights, sportsmen's issues, and energy. At the end of her analysis, she mentions who earned her vote yesterday. Tune in! SHOW NOTES Firearms McAuliffe's gun control platform / gun violence as public health issue / 2019 video against gun shows / bought a gun in 2013 /  2016 CHP reciprocity deal & latest USCCA VA CHP stats | my RTD column on Herring VCDL blasts Dominion Energy for depressing gun vote Hunting/Fishing McAuliffe signs Sunday hunting, pink camo bills into law Youngkin endorsement & Sportsmen coalition page RTD's Shapiro claims Youngkin isn't a real hunter Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance supports Youngkin Youngkin at 2021 Green Top Expo & celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day Energy & Environment McAuliffe's clean energy push $800 increase on energy bills by 2030 Candidates mum on Mountain Valley Pipeline Youngkin on climate change & opposing the Virginia Clean Economy Act, challenging Dominion Virginia EIA Stats — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/district-of-conservation/support
  1. EP 224: McAuliffe vs. Youngkin—Who's Better for Virginia's True Conservationists?
  2. EP 223: Journalists Should Learn to Hunt to Better Understand Conservation (ft. Mallory Walser)
  3. EP 222: Dominion Energy Gave $200K to Shadowy Group to Depress Sportsmen Vote in #VAGov Race
  4. EP 221: Rep. Dan Newhouse on the 30X30 Alternative & Congressional Western Caucus Priorities
  5. EP 220: Biden Administration Reignites Debate on Controversial National Monument Designations


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October 1, 2021