Suppression of Delta-Specific Vaccines

A Delta-specific version of COVID-19 vaccine has been developed months ago. Those who need a booster shot could have received it now. However, the FDA/CDC/NIH blocked its clinical trials and silenced even a discussion of it.

The current Delta strain (or serotype) of SARS-COV-2, now dominant in the US, is a far cry from the original Wuhan strain. All current vaccines target the original Wuhan strain. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were developed and emergency authorized in 2020. The Delta strain is the result of the coronavirus evolving to evade limited immunity conferred by those vaccines.

The neutralizing effect of the antibodies elicited by the 2020 vaccines is 6-8x lower against the Delta than against the original Wuhan strain 12. The higher replication rates of the Delta strain/serotype decrease vaccine effectiveness even further.

Thus, the original 2020 vaccines were not designed, and are not effective (except for few months as prophylaxis) against the current Delta strain / serotype. All the dangers and harms remain or become worse.

Using these original 2020 vaccines for boosters works much like a using a narcotic. They provide a short-term boost in antibodies, while compensating for the low quality of antibodies with a high quantity of them.

The adverse effects of these boosters are stronger than the first and second vaccine doses.  The boosters maintain or strengthen the immune imprinting geared toward the original Wuhan strain, making it harder to develop an optimal immune response against other strains.

These well-known facts should have motivated the NIH/CDC/FDA to focus on Delta-specific vaccines. One of the main benefits of mRNA technology is that it allows very quick development of new vaccines on the existing platform. However, instead of developing and using new strain-specific vaccines and boosters, they shut down even discussing them.

One of very mentions of the Delta-specific COVID-19 vaccine is buried deep inside of an Moderna’s investors presentation from September 9, 2021 3. It is called mRNA-1273.617. It passed animal testing and was shipped to the NIH for Phase 2 clinical trial. The NIH has not only failed to launch the trial, but quietly tucked it as Part C to the end of another scheduled trial NCT04927065. To this day, recruitment of participants has not started even for the first part of it, Part A.

mRNA-1273.617 is the second variant-specific COVID-19 vaccine candidate from Moderna. The first one, Beta-specific mRNA-1273.351, was developed in less than two months and shipped to NIH on February 24, 2021. At that time Moderna issued a proud press-release 4 and the NIH launched the clinical trial on March 10, followed by another press release 5. But the results of the clinical trial were published quietly in a preprint “Preliminary Analysis of Safety and Immunogenicity of a SARS-CoV-2 Variant Vaccine Booster” 6 on May 6. The most impressive was the much better safety of the variant-specific booster compared with the booster of the original vaccine (mRNA-1273).  There were 3 times fewer severe adverse effects (in the group of 20). The trial has also shown strong immune imprinting (or “original antigenic sin”) left by the original vaccine  – the immune reaction was strongly biased toward the ancestral strain 7. No press release was issued by Moderna.

Apparently, the Biden-Harris regime (BHR) decided to stall the trials of variant-specific vaccines to keep jabs trains running. Obviously, many people would hold out on getting a vaccine, if they knew that a better one may be available shortly.

Flip-Flop on the need for boosters

A similar story involving boosters was more public. In May 2021, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that boosters might be needed. On July 8, the CDC and FDA issued a strongly worded statement: “People who are fully vaccinated are protected from severe disease and death, including from the variants currently circulating in the country such as Delta8. They even forced Albert Bourla to apologize to Dr. Fauci 9 for “not warning top health officials ahead of the company’s announcement that it would be seeking authorization for a third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine”.

Ten weeks later however, the CDC completely changed course. Overriding the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (a very pro-vaccine and pro-boosters crowd), the CDC made about sixty millions Americans “eligible” for the boosters.


Studies shows that vaccinated individuals can get infected and infectious just as unvaccinated ones. Additionally, highly infectious asymptotic individuals (Ct < 25) were much more frequent among vaccinated than unvaccinated 10  (82% vs 29%), as predicted 11.

Clare Craig explains the already known fact of an increased risk of COVID-19 infection, within two weeks after vaccination, due to a reduced innate immunity 12. The article cites multiple studies of post-vaccination neutrophils and lymphocytes depletion, reducing innate immunity. And that was written in March 2021, long before the Delta variant.

In addition to elapsed time from vaccination date, increased age also correlates with a decrease in neutralizing antibodies activity against the Delta variant1. Therefore, the original 2020 vaccines help the vulnerable elderly population less than those who are young and less vulnerable.

These episodes of stalling clinical trials and silencing Moderna and Pfizer demonstrate that Big Pharma are totally dominated by the federal government, when the latter wants to abuse its power.

Instead of focusing on early treatment, prophylaxis, and updated variant-effective vaccines, the FDA has issued a totally fictitious approval 13 to a BioNTech vaccine against the ancestral strain.

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September 27, 2021