La Nina: Globe Expected To Continue Cooling Into Next Year, Extending Cooling Streak To 7 Years

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By P Gosselin on 24. September 2021

Snowfan rreports here of how parts of western Germany have had 4 nights in a row of surface frost and how new models are even projecting snowfall already in mid October. If that occurred, it would be unusually early.

Globe cooling off

Overall the globe has cooled substantially since the last El Nino ended in 2016, and it now appears the cooling trend will persist another year as the CFSv2 is forecasting a La Niña to continue into spring 2022.

Source: NOAA/CFSv2-ENSO-prognosis

The latest NOAA/CFSv2 projection dated September 23, 2021, indicates La Niña-conditions over the Nino-region 3.4 of the equatorial Pacific.

NOAA forecast from September 13, 2022.

“As a result, the globe will cool further well into the coming year as it has done since 2016. That will mean no warming like the German Greens like to claim for about 7 years,” reports Snowfan.

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September 25, 2021