“A lot of people used to ask me, you know, what would make it worth it? If you could go back and change your accident, would you? And I always try to tell them, if you can make a difference in one person’s life, then it does make it all worth it. You can look back and say maybe that’s why that happened. And so if Chad and I doing this show can really just reach even one person and they can get outdoors and find healing and they can get outdoors and find a new adventure, that’s going to make it all worth it.” — Ashlee Lundvall, co-host of Able Outdoors

In Episode 213 of District of Conservation, Gabriella sits down with the co-hosts of the digital series Able Outdoors: Chad Waligura & Ashlee Lundvall. Gabriella met Ashlee and Chad at SHOT Show years ago. Both have amazing stories of surviving adversity and encouraging others with disabilities to get outdoors. Learn more about their story, their show, and how to make hunting inclusive for everyone on the podcast today.

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EP 223: Journalists Should Learn to Hunt to Better Understand Conservation (ft. Mallory Walser) District of Conservation

In Episode 223 of District of Conservation, Gabriella interviews her new friend Mallory Walser – a former TV broadcast journalist-turned-avid hunter . Like Gabriella, Mallory grew up in California. Mallory previously worked for KBZK, KTUU, and KEYC before her current job in digital media.  Mallory discusses learning to hunt from her husband (whom she met in Minnesota while covering an ice fishing tournament), her recent DIY antelope hunt, the importance of teaching her kids about where their food comes from, what journalists get wrong about covering hunting/conservation, transitioning from journalism to her new job, how to encourage more women hunters, and much more.  SHOW NOTES Mallory's blog post on Anchored Outdoors Connect with Mallory on Instagram — Support this podcast:
  1. EP 223: Journalists Should Learn to Hunt to Better Understand Conservation (ft. Mallory Walser)
  2. EP 222: Dominion Energy Gave $200K to Shadowy Group to Depress Sportsmen Vote in #VAGov Race
  3. EP 221: Rep. Dan Newhouse on the 30X30 Alternative & Congressional Western Caucus Priorities
  4. EP 220: Biden Administration Reignites Debate on Controversial National Monument Designations
  5. EP 219: The Brewing Wolf War, REEF Act, Fishermen Sound Alarm on Offshore Wind Turbines

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September 21, 2021