The National Academy of Sciences has convened (for money) at EPA’s “request” a committee of ‘researchers’ in a panel called, “Assessing Causality from a Multidisciplinary Evidence Base for National Ambient Air Quality Standards.”

Despite what the NAS says, the purpose of this committee is to help the Biden EPA resurrect the PM2.5 junk science that the Obama EPA used to railroad the coal industry and that the Trump EPA abandoned.

Enstrom’s complaint addresses the dishonest Francesca Dominici. But other committee members (really the entire committee) need to go as well, including Armistead G. Russell (EPA grantee crony, $23,319,799 in grants), Charles Driscoll (EPA grantee crony, $7,437,921 in grants) and Joel Kaufman (EPA grantee-crony. $55,411,682 in grants and illegal human experimenter).

We’ve scene this charade before, when the EPA hired NAS to whitewash its illegal human experiments.

Now the EPA is paying the NAS to prime the walls for EPA to paper over the Trump EPA’s throttling of the agency’s PM2.5 science fraud.


September 16, 2021