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“If you look and see who largely is considered a sportsman [and] sportswoman today, it is people who tend to identify it as those on the center- right. That doesn’t mean people on the Left don’t partake in these activities— by no means. But it is largely seen as an activity that people on the political right tend to incline themselves to. And because of takes like this, that is what has prompted me to continue putting out episodes: speaking with people in politics, nonprofits, elsewhere, who are political conservatives, talking about conservation—true conservation and not the preservationist variety—and how important it is to challenge this narrative. So if we need a reminder for why conservatives and even those who like conservatives—you don’t have to be a conservative to like and appreciate what conservatives do, especially in this area—this issue [conservation] shouldn’t be politicized. But we have to kind of detangle it from elements of the Left because they are hijacking what conservation is with preservationist ethos.” — Gabriella Hoffman

In Episode 208 of District of Conservation, Gabriella kicks off Season 4 of the program. She discusses how conservatives actually do love conservation and why this show will continue to debunk preservationist environmentalist lies, American Wildlife Conservation Partners’ stern letter to USFWS slamming CBD/NRDC petitions, and Yellowstone S4 Trailer/premiere details.

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Conservation IS conservation

Townhall Column | AWCP Letter | Delta Waterfowl 

Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer

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EP 213: Making Hunting Inclusive for Everyone w/ Ashlee Lundvall & Chad Waligura of Able Outdoors District of Conservation

In Episode 213 of District of Conservation, Gabriella sits down with the co-hosts of the digital series Able Outdoors: Chad Waligura & Ashlee Lundvall. Gabriella met Ashlee and Chad at SHOT Show years ago. Both have amazing stories of surviving adversity and encouraging others with disabilities to get outdoors. Learn more about their story, their show, and how to make hunting inclusive for everyone on the podcast today.  SHOW Notes: Trailer Credit: Crooked Canyon Productions / Able Outdoors Able Outdoors Links: Website | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook |  Connect with Ashlee: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Connect with Chad: Facebook | Instagram — Support this podcast:
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September 7, 2021