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h/t Breitbart; A few days ago WUWT slammed Extinction Rebellion’s mindless London climate protests for diverting police manpower. Now a senior British police officer has confirmed XR are disrupting police efforts to combat violent crime.

Extinction Rebellion London: Police slam ‘unfair, unreasonable’ activists as almost 500 arrested

Nearly 500 Extinction Rebellion protesters have been arrested as a senior police officer criticised the group’s “unfair, unreasonable and unlawful” blockades for diverting officers from tackling violent crime.

Scotland Yard said around 480 XR activists have been arrested so far – with 2,000 Met officers-a-day dedicated to tackling the protests – as Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist launched a broadside at the “very serious and totally unreasonable disruption”.

“They have the right to protest and assemble together, but this right must be balanced with the rights of others – those wanting to go about their lawful business unimpeded and without disruption,” he said.

“Whatever the cause, activists do not have the right to cause unreasonable and serious disruption to London’s communities.

“Every time several officers are needed to arrest a single activist, these are officers diverted from our number one priority, bearing down on violence. We are highly resilient but it is frustrating that communities are denied their officers in order to deal with a very protracted protest.”

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Imagine if instead of Extinction Rebellion being useless obstructionists, they did something for the community, like helped pick up litter, or repaired polluted waterways, or ran soup kitchens for those in need. Imagine the support they would pick up, as their reputation for good deeds spread throughout the community.

But I guess that would involve doing some actual physical work. Hanging off a scaffold trying to pose in front of the cameras, messing up the lives of ordinary people seems to be more their thing.

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September 5, 2021