h/t Breitbart; How many Londoners are being assaulted, raped, robbed and injured every day, because police have to keep diverting manpower to neutralising Extinction Rebellion protests?

London has significant crime levels, around 50 violent crimes per 100,000 population per annum. Imagine if all the police who are currently busy racing to stop Extinction Rebellion messing up everyone’s lives with roadblocks could spend more time protecting Londoners from violent criminals.

I am not suggesting Extinction Rebellion wants people to be hurt. But protecting Londoners against Extinction Rebellion’s rolling roadblock campaign, and protecting Extinction Rebellion members from angry commuters, Extinction Rebellion must be tying up a lot of police manpower.

I support people having a right to protest. But Extinction Rebellion seem to go out of their way to create misery for ordinary people.

There has to be a balance, between people’s right to protest, and ordinary people’s right to get home from work in time to spend a few hours with their kids.

via Watts Up With That?


September 2, 2021