By Paul Homewood

Discussion of “extreme temperatures” tends to revolve around highs rather than lows. In a warming world, high temperature extremes will inevitably become more common, just as lows get rarer. But is there any sign that the former will outweigh the latter?

In other words, are temperatures really becoming more extreme?

As far as this country is concerned, we can check out the Central England Temperature series.

ECAD provide a useful tool, which shows the number of days each year when temperatures were either below the 10th or above the 90th percentile since 1900:

As we would expect, the number of warm days has increased, and the number of cold ones declined.

When we add the two together, we find that if anything the trend has declined since 1900. The most extreme year was, by the way, 1947, with 1919 in second place:

Somehow, I doubt whether the Met Office will tell you this!


August 27, 2021