The ABC has uncovered docs showing Qld bureaucracies were reluctant to use available fire fighting aircraft to extinguish the Faser Island fire which burnt for ~60 days in Oct/Dec 2020 until rain put it out.

Reading the ABC reprise backs my views that I am sure I have expressed over years – that often fire fighting authorities seem happy to have ground units “accompanying” fires – more than putting them out.

Ditto when they use large waterbombers. It seems to me that often over years large waterbombers are tasked to dump retardant on unburnt bush, rather than extinguishing active fire.

Those impressions of mine contribute to my belief that we would all be better off if the RAAF were tasked to run large waterbombers.

Bushland on fire on Fraser Island, as seen from the ocean

via Errors in IPCC climate science

August 22, 2021