“A great amount of National Forest acreage would benefit from prescribed fire. But it is a no condition to be prescribed burned.” — Bill Imbergamo, executive director of the Federal Forest Resource Coalition

In Episode 203 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Bill Imbergamo from Federal Forest Resource Coalition. Bill serves as their Executive Director. 

Here’s more about the organization: The Federal Forest Resource Coalition (FFRC) is a unique national coalition of small and large companies and regional trade associations whose members harvest and manufacture wood products, paper, and renewable energy from federal timber resources. 

With members in more than two dozen states, the Coalition is building a national voice for sound management of our Federal forests. Coalition members employ over 350,000 workers in over 650 mills, with payroll in excess of $19 billion. The Coalition will work with allied industry, conservation, and local government groups to support a growing and sustainable Federal timber program.

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August 17, 2021