Mayorkas: ‘impact of climate change,’ ‘surging’ U.S. economy are some reasons for high number of border crossings

Let’s take a look at summer temperatures in Mexico and Central America this year:

most areas near or below normal.

Precip. Yes its been dry in central America but look at Mexico, wetter than average, not any drought.

It’s just a classic balancing act. You cant have perfect weather everywhere, or can you? That 4-month temperatures deviation is remarkable simply because it’s not remarkable at all over such a large area. Its like a Utopian dream.

The guy makes the statement knowing he will not get called on it.  ( CFACT will though) He could not have looked at what was going on, cause if he did, he would know it’s not true.

So this is short, but the message is not so sweet. Either this guy is being deceptive or he is ignorant to the facts you can plainly see above.

Then again after 25 years of above-normal rainfall in Nigeria, John Kerry blamed the rise of Boko Haran on Drought,   They simply do what they want ( like fly private plains into private birthday bashes) and get away with it

BTW I am sure the resorts from Cancun to Belize are not that upset about their weather being a bit drier than average since temps are near average,  Hurricanes are staying away so far,  a big plus for those folks. And remember the nature of AVERAGE  is very often produced by large swings,  dry to wet and vice versa.   The weather is always in search of a balance she can not have because of the very nature of the system, so swings, some quite large are inevitable.


August 17, 2021