Could Pfizer have wished for more?

Eight weeks ago, Australians weren’t that interested in the vaccines to an exotic foreign disease. Back then, only 7% of the population were fully vaccinated, and now, viola, it’s 21% of the nation (which is a quarter of all adults).

By letting the virus leak in to a Limo Driver, who could have been protected with a $50 Hazmat suit, and then being too slow to act, the Premier of New South Wales has lit a fire under the rush to vaccination, not just in NSW but indirectly across the rest of Australia, since nearly every state has now been infected with a Covid strain that has a post-mark from Sydney. By trying to do a minimalist response, she ensured maximal type of lockdown.

On June 24th, only 2.8 million doses of vaccines have been given, now it’s 15.3 million. That’s some uptake. Eighty percent of all the vaccinations in Australia have happened in the last eight weeks.

Guardian Graph plus annotations by Jo.

She’s now saying the Delta virus can’t be eliminated, even though most other states have done that, and everyone knows it.

Big Pharma must be delighted. The CCP too.

NSW, New South Wales, Map, Australia.

Australia and New Zealand were in a bubble of freedom and safety that was, unfortunately, antithetical to the advertising pitch and hit jingle  —  “Vaccines are the only way out”. Despite being 93% vaccine-free (or more) the two nations had one fiftieth the deaths-per-capita of the UK and USA, and less economic damage too, showing that hard borders beats vaccination for viral control. It stood as an example of a better way to deal with the average bioweapon. Any nations that locked out the disease could open their borders to each other, and their economy, and they didn’t need Big Pharma.

Australia and New Zealand had the luxury of watching the results of the epidemiological experiments and mass-mutation-games around the world. But that’s all at risk now, and the only solution (apparently) is mass vaccination.

It’s a national emergency, lets use the slowest medicine we can find?

Given that this slow medicine takes five to ten weeks to work, it remains unexplained why anyone would pick it to beat a surging epidemic with a doubling time of four days.  Especially when there are other medicines that work in hours and are insanely cheap. The cost of a single day of lockdown in Sydney would cover free national doses of the drug that shall-not-be-named plus probably enough Vitamin D, Zinc, B6 and B12 to give 25 million people a lifetime supply and deworm all the cattle in Australia too. It’s almost as if the government is spending other people’s money?

I’m not suggesting that Big Pharma are running the NSW Department of Health. I’m just saying that if they were, all the Department decisions would look uncannily the same.

In the US Big Pharma spent $4.7b lobbying in Washington in the last 20 years. At any point, the government could set up inquiries into using cheap drugs instead. Yet they don’t.

Big Pharma are pretty happy with that.

They must be very happy that Gladys is in charge of nearly the whole nations strategy.

If you would rather live without mandatory vaccination or at least be able to wait for more data, a longer safety record, or other choices, the Sydney outbreak is making it much harder.

The lockdown might have ended already if close contacts were given antivirals and Vitamin D.


Covid live vaccination:

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August 16, 2021