By Paul Homewood

Further to that “new Spanish temperature record” supposedly set yesterday, Anthony Watts wrote about the last supposed record set at the same station three years ago:

In Spain, Paco Eslava García has been following my lead on the poor quality of weather stations that produce record-high temperatures.

But what Paco has found in Spain is truly laughable.

Here’s his Tweet showing why:


This is the meteorological station, which has the highest temperature record in Spain, is located in the municipal district of Montoro… maybe a little maintenance would not hurt!

What Paco is speaking of is the Stevenson Screen. The box with slats to allow airflow. That’s where the thermometer is located. It’s supposed to be white, to minimize the solar heating effect. But as you can see, it’s not white at all, it’s brown due to lack of paint, which seems to have worn off:

t also appears that the front door of the screen may be missing. The vegetation is too high near it, blocking wind, and there’s a large concrete structure nearby.

Paco adds this photo, where you can see the station in the distance just under the word “Vega”:

Full story here.

I gather Montoro is not an official GHCN station, and may not be an official Spanish Met one either, which is part of the problem, as there is little incentive to make sure the equipment is properly sited and maintained. I doubt whether the WMO or their Spanish counterparts will be too bothered though, because it suits their agenda to claim new records.


August 15, 2021