By Paul Homewood

h/t Ian Magness

Why does the BBC hate ordinary British people so much?

A new analysis suggests the current level of UK spending to combat climate change is lagging behind what advisers say is needed.

A study by the pressure group WWF says new green policies in the March 2021 Budget add up to just 0.01% of GDP.

But the government’s own advisory Climate Change Committee has said 1% of national wealth – or GDP – must be spent every year in the UK to ensure climate targets are met.

In November the prime minister promised £12bn for a 10-point plan “green industrial revolution”.

WWF says its research also shows that some Budget policies that encourage pollution totalled £40bn – far more than the PM’s green plan.

It says that the freeze on fuel duty is costing the Treasury some £11.2bn in the financial year 2019-20 alone, rising to £13.9bn in 2022-23 if the freeze continues.

Does Harrabin think the country has nothing better to spend its money on? 1% of GDP, which is in any case a gross understatement of the real cost, is equivalent to about £800 for every household in the country. On top of that he and his chums at the far left WWF think drivers should stump up extra £11bn in fuel duties.

And in aid of what?

If Harrabin wants to be a political activist, fine. But he should not also be employed by the BBC.


August 14, 2021