Sky News host Rowan Dean says “we have in fact experienced an unusually cold winter” despite the Bureau of Meteorology having promised a warmer than usual season in “keeping with their global warming ideological beliefs”.

“But I don’t need to tell you that,” he said.

“Nor, sadly, do I need to tell the frog population down under there has been a record number of frogs dying across Australia recently, which some experts are suggesting could be as a result of our recent record low temperatures.

“New Zealand, too, has seen huge dumps of snow this week as an Antarctic front tore up the South Island.

“Of course, none of this is really that surprising at all, and this chart of solar activity proxy, running back to the 1940s, may well explain why.

“Basically, the Sun runs on 11-year cycles, with a solar maximum and a solar minimum within each cycle.

“Here in 2021, we find ourselves landing off the back of solar cycle 24, the weakest cycle of the modern era, and within another solar minimum, the deepest minimum of the past 100 or so years.”