By Paul Homewood

Following the government backdown over the ban on gas boilers brought about by pressure from the likes of Steve Baker, MPs are now aiming their sights on the ban on petrol and diesel cars:


A GROUP of MPs have come out to condemn the 2030 ban on new fossil fuelled car sales.

The group of 13 MPs and Lord Lilley have endorsed a ground-breaking new report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Fuel for UK motorists and hauliers. The report lists seven practical recommendations to lower emissions without banning new diesel and petrol vehicles.

The main recommendation is: “The Government should immediately remove the threat of the ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles.”

The APPG says that the Government should instead incentivise the move to clean fuels by motivating industry and entrepreneurs to develop technologies that will not impact adversely on the economy, drivers or businesses.

Almost two thirds of drivers excluding EV owners want the Government to produce full post Covid recovery cost benefit analyses on the impact of the 2030 ban.

This will demonstrate if the policy achieves lower vehicle emissions and be more beneficial than the cost of implementing the 2030 ban itself.

Craig Mackinlay, the chair of the APPG, praised the group’s response to the Government’s plans.

He said: “The only thing that’s protecting the Government from electoral harm on this matter is the seeming Westminster consensus and lack of courage to stand up to the climate fanatics and say: enough!

“Sooner or later the public will rebel against this madness. Better to have the rational debate now before we fully embark on a failing and expensive experiment.

“It is imperative we bring the majority of the electorate along with us in the changes being demanded of them.

“Not using a ton of un-consulted millstones. It must be through consultation and consensus and a rational debate about the cost and alternatives.

“That will mean compromises on all sides of the green agenda. Above all, using common sense and practical, achievable solutions.”

The group of MPs are also calling on the Government to form two new groups to help with the decisions being made to ban petrol and diesel sales.

The first would be a ‘Road user consultative group’, which would include drivers of different kinds of vehicles to advise, scrutinise and support various departments involved with rural and urban transport strategies.

The second group would be the ‘Air Quality Working Party’, which would be completely independent.

According to the report, the group should: “Scientifically determine where the greatest levels of particulate, nitrogen dioxide and other ‘damaging’ pollutants really come from, and how to reduce them in the short term.”

Graham Stringer, Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton and APPG member, said: “My constituents are already facing big pressures on their household budgets.

“Now the prospect of a ban on petrol and diesel cars threatened to make driving the pastime of privileged few.

“The Government urgently needs to rethink this out of touch policy, which will be bad for working families and potentially bad for the environment too.”

This consultation was originally pledged in the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

The APPG has also questioned whether the Government has recognised a “fair and equitable” replacement for £35billion of annual Fuel Duty and VAT.

The Government still plan to move forward with their mission to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

Plans are also set out to ban hybrid cars in 2035, as the Government rolls towards an electric future.

This will be in line with the overarching aim for the UK to be carbon neutral by 2050.


August 5, 2021