By Paul Homewood

Facts4EU lift the lid on Germany’s climate hypocrisy:

As the article notes, it is not all about coal. Taking primary energy consumption as a whole, fossil fuels account for a similar proportion in each country, 77.0% v 76.8% for Germany and the UK respectively. Obviously however coal emits much more CO2 than gas.

German renewables account for a slightly higher percentage, but this is offset by greater nuclear generation here:

However this is not the whole story. Primary energy consumption per capita is 35% higher in Germany:

As a result of this and the greater use of coal, CO2 emissions per capita in Germany are 43% higher:

Germany would argue that this is all because it has more heavy industry than the UK. However, that is irrelevant. Emissions, we are told, are bad for the environment, so Germany should forthwith make plans to begin shutting down its industry, just as we are planning to decimate our economy.

Business as usual is not acceptable when the planet is at stake!

Or maybe Germany does not actually believe its own rhetoric. After all, since 2005,when the EU climate agenda began to take substance, Germany’s progress in cutting emissions has been truly pitiful, reducing them by just 17%. In contrast, the UK has cut hers by 33%.

Maybe we should take a break here, and wait for the laggards in Europe to catch us up!


August 5, 2021