Net Zero heat pump plans are dead and buried

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The UK’s next problem is that there’s no domestic hydrogen supply, and it will be costly to create one, then (in theory) produce vast amounts of hydrogen from renewables and/or nuclear power. Unless hydrogen for homes is going to be cheaper than electricity then electric boilers, with none of hydrogen’s safety issues and available now, could be a viable competitor in the home heating market if/when gas is shut down.
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It would appear that Boris Johnson’s Net Zero promise to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028 won’t happen after all now that Britain’s big boiler firms have promised households that they will be able to buy cheap hydrogen boilers instead says The GWPF.

The only question is how much the hydrogen that is supposed to heat our homes will cost consumers.

We’ll have to wait for the government’s hydrogen strategy which is reported to be launched at the end of August.

HYDROGEN boilers will cost no more than gas ones, saving Brits hundreds of pounds, top firms say.

The Big Four boiler firms have joined forces to vow a new price promise, meaning consumers will save a total of £2.3billion if they upgrade to an eco-friendly hydrogen model in future.

— The Sun

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August 4, 2021